Glenrothes Target Shooting Club

Club members with keys cannot use the club outside of offical sessions as based on Covid-19 Guidance all shooting is to be pre-booked.

There will be a Maximum of 3 pre booked shooters per session.

The next session will not be premitted into the club until the previous session has left the club and the communal area's/surfaces have been dissinfected.

■ Monday - Closed

■ Tuesday - Archery
Session 5:45pm-8pm

■ Wednesday - Pistols
Session  8pm-9:45pm

■Thursday - Rifles
Session 7:30pm-10:20pm

■ Friday - Closed Until Demand is seen & RO cover is agreed

Due to the social distancing rules we will be unable to allow social gathering inside the club so once you have completed your shooting & cleaned up after yourself you will be required to leave the club immediately.
Steven Cowper 
Air Pistols & Air Soft
Richard McDonald
Air Rifles & Rimfire
Alan Drylie
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